Yar’s Revenge

Yar's Revenge

Yar’s Revenge Features:

An exhilarating on-rails shooter û a tightly scripted cinematic
experience in which Yar flies through visually stunning
Miyazaki-inspired landscapes while fighting a wide variety of
memorable enemies Revenge.

6 unique and beautiful environments – fly through the rich and
lush environment of the Yar Village to the bio-technological nightmare
of the Qotile Homeworld.

Upgrades and RPG elements – Gain experience while customizing your
armor and weapon abilities Revenge.

Drop in/drop out co-op û Join your friend at any time and help
them conquer the Qotile menace
Flashback û Unlock bonus features such as the original comic and
challenge modes which will test your skills

Yar's Revenge
Yar's Revenge
Yar's Revenge

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