Farm Frenzy 3

Farm Frenzy 3 is the fourth title in the Farm Frenzy series, a time management game where you have to meet different, and sometimes conflicting, goals like owning five goats or baking 10 cakes. The previous Farm Frenzy Pizza Party may have gotten too complicated for some players, and Farm Frenzy 3 takes a big jump backwards in gameplay, while adding more of a story and some international locations. Sadly, though, the result is also a step backwards in fun. It’s still a playable game, but it lacks the charm of earlier titles. I’ve liked the Farm Frenzy series from the beginning. The graphics were simple and the animals were goofy, but the gameplay was great. Farm goals were easy to understand, and every level offered a choice of strategies that kept things interesting. The best part about it was the replayability. You had to really push yourself to get a gold on every level, and studying subtle points to shave a few more seconds off was an incentive to play some levels seven or eight times, stretching an already long game into a master course that could take weeks to finish.
System Requirements
Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows ME/Windows Vista/Windows 98
1 GHzPentium 3 or equivalent
DirectX 8.0

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