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Metal Gear Solid is a fast-paced cinematic action game in which you control a government super spy – code-named Solid Snake – who’s highly trained in stealth, infiltration, and armed and unarmed combat. He’s sent alone to a secret base in Alaska to stop a group of genetically enhanced terrorists who are planning to blackmail the US government. They’ve hijacked a prototype weapon called Metal Gear, which is reportedly equipped to deliver a nuclear strike anywhere in the world. The game’s plot and characters are exaggerated, but they’re very well written and highly memorable. In fact, nearly half of Metal Gear Solid consists of noninteractive story sequences in which Snake uncovers the full extent of what’s at stake in his covert mission.

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Processor: Pentium III 600;
Memory: 128 MB;
Video card: 16MB compatible with DirectX;
Hard disk: 800 MB of free space;

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